Vegan Peanut butter fudge


1 tin of carnation vegan condensed milk

200g of Demerara sugar

2tsp vanilla

150ml of almond milk (can use whatever milk you want)

5tbsp of our positively peanut butter

110g of vegan spread


1. Put all the ingredients in a pot on a low heat and melt together.

 2. Bring the liquid to a hard boil and continuously stir for around 8 minutes. Don’t let it stick!

3. Leave to cool for 5 minutes.

4. Again, stir until it’s no longer shiny and comes together – this took 12 minutes but might be quicker depending on how fast you stir.

5. Pour into the mould and leave to set for a few hours at room temp. Don’t put in the fridge as cooling it down too fast can ruin the fudge!