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Adopt a squirrel today. Scotland’s precious environment and wildlife need to be protected at all cost. At Hungry Squirrel we aim to support our furry friends and would love your help. The squirrel population is under threat from the squirrel pox virus, loss of habitat and other competition from grey squirrels. Grey squirrels put a huge threat on the red squirrel population, the North American non-native species are spreading throughout Scotland. It’s predicted that if nothing is done the red squirrel could be extinct from mainland Scotland. With grey squirrels out competing red squirrels for food and habitat the two cannot coexist and grey squirrel presence always results in red squirrel numbers declining leading to a point of extinction. We want to make a stand to protect these beautiful animals to give them a safer and better future. 




Adopt a red squirrel now and you will be helping to protect one of Scotland’s most iconic animals and their environment. If you choose to adopt a squirrel you will also receive a plastic-free adoption welcome pack containing a named adoption certificate, a wooden squirrel keyring, a squirrel papercraft model, fact file, activity book, a bookmark and two red squirrel postcards. You will also be provided details on how to sign up to receive exclusive email updates about red squirrels. It also makes a lovely gift for any animal lover. So what are you waiting for sign up today! Please join us in our fight. Visit for more information or to adopt a red squirrel today.

To find out more or to adopt your own furry friend please go to or call 0131 312 7765.



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